Solandge - A Superyacht From Another Dimension

Solandge is a 85 meters yacht. It costs USD 1 million per week to charter this boat. It has incredible facilities such as garages for speedboats, or a pool on the superior deck.
This yacht was launched in 2013 and is based in US Virgin Islands. It is a constant presence in the parties on this area or Monaco. The minimalist design belongs to the Norwegian designer Espen Oino. It has space for maximum 12 guests. But the space is generous and very nice distributed. Solandge has a autonomy range of 6000 nautical miles which makes it a transcontinental yacht. Enjoy !


Régates de Nice

Régates de Nice is a sailing contest for a prize called TROPHÉE PASQUI. This is a traditional meeting for all the boats from Mediteranean Sea. It started in 2004 and the name of the prize is the name of a well known navy carpenter - Gilbert Pasqui.
This contest usually happens every year in September and the prize is awarded by a competent board of specialists. Michel Badia made an extraordinary photo of a boat in this event. The landscape and the perfect twilight timing were incredibly good chosen. Maybe this picture above explains the poetry of any boat owner.

The winner of 2015 contest was Serenade, a boat build in 1938 in USA. This boat has a Hollywood story, one of its owners being Humphrey Bogart at a certain moment in the past.


Hyperviper RR Catamaran

This catamaran is a creation of Camillo D'Auria. We are talking once again about an Italian designer. Hyperviper RR is a catamaran which can reach a speed of 130 knots.
This boat has space for 5 guests and for the pilot, too. It has 2 sun decks and large cockpits. It provides also toilets for every person in need. The length of the catamaran is 14 meters and the weight is 6 tones. It has 2 engines of 1350 HP and a fuel tank of 1500 liters. More details about this boat concept here



Tuvie is a publication where designers all over the world can send their work in order to be known, recognized and appreciated. The most interesting concept I found there is a 100% digital yacht. It has no steering wheel, all the commands are fully integrated on a touch screen, it has an hybrid-electrical propulsion and built-in dock line handling using a steering-joystick.
This yacht is called Onyx 41. It provides a big level of luxury on board and offers a lot of space because of massive integrated furniture. The name of the designer is Luiz DeBasto. Being just a concept there isn't yet a price associated with Onyx 41 but in order to be competitive on the market it has to cost no more than $20 mlillion. 

You may see more conceptual designs on Tuvie using this link .


Azimut 95

Azimut 95 is a luxury yacht designed for 8-10 guests. It combines Italian style with comfort, simplicity and intimacy. It has almost 30 meters length providing an extraordinary vacation experience. 

Most of Azimut yachts are designed by Pierluigi Ausonio in San Remo, Liguria, Italy. When new, such an yacht costs €6,800,000.
There are some yacht charter companies were you can rent such a jewel for $30,000 til $60,000 per week. It has 3 Volvo engines and the maximum speed is 36 kn which means 41,5 mph or ( around 66,5 km/h ). 


Port Of Morro Jable

When sailing all over the World maybe you can land in Fuerteventura. It is an island of Canary Islands archipelago belonging to Spain. It is situated 60 miles West of African continent. The temperature is always 20 Celsius degrees there which makes it perfect for living and especially for sailing.
This island has 2 ports: Puerto Rossario and Morro del Jable. People is speaking Spanish there but they also understand German and English. Although is a part of Atlantic Ocean, the sea is pretty calm here and you can always find a good host in Puerto Morro Jable. There is also a supermarket there and there are 2 bars. Prices are more than affordable taking into account this is a duty free island.
If you are into fishing, this is the perfect spot. There are plenty of options to practice and a good opportunity to catch something big. Spanish boats are pretty nice and people are really good sailors.


Formula Boats

When somebody wants to buy a boat, the easiest way is to buy a Formula boat. One of the opportunities is iboat. You may find there all kind of such boats.
Formula is a boat brand produced in United States of America and sold all over the world. The company is called Thunderbird Products. They are producing pleasure boats for a very affordable price. At least, if you buy a second hand Formula boat, you can get a good quality for a small price. This kind of boat from 1994 can be bought for $20,000 maybe less.

When new, this kind of boat starts from a price of $300,000. This makes it still affordable if we take into consideration all the options and facilities such a boat could provide.


J'Ade - Floating Garage

Floating garage is a totally new concept for me. It seems not to be so new because in Monaco Show 2014 it was presented an Italian 196ft yacht having such a feature. CRN which is a brand of Ferretti group designed this impressive yacht called J'ADE. It has a indoor pool which can be open in the way a 8 meter speed boat to get inside the big yacht. Once the boat is inside the hydraulic-operated hatch closes and the motor boat is parked inside of this yacht.
This internal basin contains 18,000 liters of water and can be filled in 3 minutes. In this way the speed boat can get inside the yacht without using any kind of crane. This yacht has also a gym, a hammam room and an aquarium inside. It has 4 cabins where 10 guests can sleep without any problem and a crew of 13 members.
This vessel won the World Yacht Trophy in 2013 and was nominated for the best interior in Monaco 2104. Its price is $86,000,000.

Murphy's Law - Motor Boat

This motor boat is originated in California. It is called Murphy's Law and is very popular on internet. It can reach 110 miles per hour having a 10 gallon fuel tank. The engine is Chevrolet 477 vp c-14 gas with a big block jet pump of 280 lb. 
When running in maximum speed, for a price of 10$ per gallon, this boat consumes 2,5$ per minute. The cost of such a boat is in the range of $200,000-350,000.


Hatteras GT 60

Hatteras GT 60 has a maximum speed of 40 knots which means is a fast boat. It has a design oriented for being soft, spacious and stable. It is fully equipped for angling. It has space for many guests and provides all the needed ingredients for a great vacation. 

It has a length 19 meters and a fuel tank of 5600 L of diesel. Which is more than necessary taking into account it has 2 engines. It's price varies function of the chosen options but the starting price is around $3,000,000.

Hatteras is a brad which offers more than luxury. It tries to offer great voyage experiences based on a continuity in ship building of more than 50 years when the main principles always were quality and innovation. 


Farmont 70

Farmont 70 is a shipyard based in Turkey having the headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. There are 80 people working there trying to build the best classic ships. The name of the company means they do ships with a length of 70 feet or more. A very important thing is they integrate modern technology in classic vessels.  
Farmont 70 "Villa Nautic" is an example and represents more than a yacht is almost a ship. Actually is a trawler. It is designed by Rene van der Velden and the interior is made by Joachim Kinder. It is a very well maintained boat and it can be bought for €1,350,000. It has Maltese flag and was made in 2006 in Turkey.
The maximum speed is 12 knots and it has a 85 tons displacement. It has 21,32 m length and a total engine power of 456 Hp. It looks like a palace on the water.If interested you can get the full specification here . 


Sailing In Croatia

Browsing the net I found this really interesting option to rent a boat in Croatia. It seems to be affordable and very funny. Everything started when I was checking this blog . If take a look, I think you will like what you'll see.
I made some research and this boat seems to be impressive. For a price of €1,400-1,700 it offers the possibility to sail all over Mediteranean Sea for a week. Taking into account we are speaking of a boat with 4 sleeping places and 4 more daily guests, the price should be reasonable. I think I know what to do next summer.

Jet Capsule

Let's say a jet sky meet a luxury yacht and the result is the already known: Jet Capsule. This is a concept which started in Italy - the land of various scooter models - in 2009. They first designed a minimalistic boat which can be used on calm water. They implemented 2 beds, a cooking place and a bathroom. Practicaly these are the basic needs of the modern man. Today this is more like a water limousine. It may be used on calm water until of a maximum height of the waves of 4 meter. 
This Jet Capsule is a electric boat using Mastervolt batteries and battery charger. The hull is made in mix using a proprietary formula of fiber glass and carbon by Jelcoat. The engines are produced by Yanmar and the audio system is Bose. There are a lot of configurations in which this boat can be produced and the top speed varies between 20 and 35 knots. This means this is a speed boat.
The company is based in Neaples having two shareholders. They can produce no more than 30 units every year. You may find a configurator on the production company website http://www.jetcapsule.com . Because this boat can be produced in different dimensions and using different options there is a great idea to use it before thinking to order one. Else you can get in contact with the company and ask for a price offer. 

According tu Lazzarinni, this miniature yacht was created to be "a boat small enough to be easily maneuvred, yet spacious enough to take a handful of friends out for drinks, over to a port for an evening's entertainement". For those interested in the mini-yacht of the future Lazzarini has pegged its opening price at $250,000. You can see more details in the movie bellow: